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Choreline is a non-conventional service which offers hands on assistance in just about every area of life. We provide services all around the United Kingdom and the world for any occasion, household or business.

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Our dedication to excellence and attention to detail is key to our success.

When you sign up to our services, we get to understand and learn about your likes and dislikes, about what your usual requirements are so that you do not need to repeat yourself each and every time you require our services.

We aim to build a relationship and a rapport with you in order to give you that personable and yet professional service. Life is too short to worry about the mundane things. Why not free up some of your time for the things you really enjoy doing and let an experienced professional take your worries away so you can better enjoy the rewarding gift of time.

We aim to help keep the lives of today's hard working families and busy professionals chaos free.

Our Services


Do you have a parcel to pick up? Do you need to organise the transportation of some of your goods from one place to the next? 

Why not contact us to arrange the pick-up and delivery of your important items anywhere in the country. Our butlers are flexible and reliable and provide a personable service that you can trust in.


Is your house in need of a real spring clean? Do you find you do not have the time to do the things you need to do and as such find  cleaning the house more and more of a chore?

Whether you require a simple maid service or a butler service we can help you. The maids at Choreline are very effective and can provide you with the service that you require. They pay attention to detail and will ensure that anything that they are given to clean will be cleaned to the highest standards. We understand that when you hire a maid or a cleaner you expect your property to be cleaned to a high standard. We expect no less

Laundry and Ironing

Are you tired of looking at that pile of dirty washing? We provide a full laundry service which includes ironing, dry cleaning and washing of your clothes.


Are you tired of going to the shops every single week for your weekly food shopping? Do you have time to source that dress that you want for that party? Do you need help getting the best deals on personal items? Why not contact us? We can take the strain out of all your shopping activities and present your goods to you with a smile.

The School Run

Are you tired of looking at that pile of dirty washing? We provide a full laundry service which includes ironing, dry cleaning and washing of your clothes.

Dog Walking

Are finding it increasingly difficult to find time to walk the dog? Why not hire one of our butlers to do the same for you.

Who we are

We are here to give you that helping hand and free up the time spent in handling regular and not so regular chores so that you can spend that time in a more fulfilling manner. Time is the one thing they are not making any more of. Once its gone its gone. Live your life to the full doing the things you love!

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